Open Day

Get ‘Business FIT’ 

Clarify Your Goals, Develop a Plan to Achieve Them

Join businessPT founder and unabashed optimist, Richard Everson, for 2 hours of good news. 

He will introduce businessPT, a revolutionary business success system that brings key elements of high-performance sports coaching to your personal and business life.  

Regardless of where you are today, by the end of this inspiring session, you will have a framework to look at yourself and your business with fresh eyes, and the confidence to make positive changes immediately. Activewear optional. 

Who Should Attend?

Register for the New Years Revolution workshop if you:

  • Are a business leader – this includes business owners, managers, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and thought leaders 
  • Are just starting your business journey and are keen to fast-track your learning
  • Are an experienced business operator keen to improve your impact and efficiency
  • Know you’re working hard, but are disappointed with your current results
  • Feel your personal life and health is suffering in order to achieve your business goals
  • Want to learn the secrets behind many of the region’s most successful businesses from someone who has worked closely with their CEOs for more than a decade

What You Get

You will:

  • Gain clarity.  Learn how the businessPT model is the perfect framework to evaluate your business
  • Discover how the businessPT method allows you to fix gaps and leverage opportunities to optimize your personal life and business
  • Complete your first “workout” – don’t stress, you won’t break a sweat. This ‘workout’ is a personal assessment that will provide you with insights on where to focus your energy
  • Complete your first ‘training plan’ – You will take the insights from your ‘workout’ assessment and develop an actionable plan to build your ‘business fitness’ and crush your goals
  • Meet your tribe – Join people like you, who are committed to doing better, for themselves, their customers, and their community. 

What You Will Learn


  • Introduction to businessPT – Discover a revolutionary system that applies proven high-performance sports coaching principles to business, so you get ‘high-performance’ results. 
  • Workout 1 Personal – A self-audit to see how you’re doing, identify areas for improvement, and develop achievable strategies for growth. Business is all about people, and it starts with you. 
  • Workout 2 Strategy – We explore the amazing impact an intelligent change in strategy can have on your business. With the right strategy, you can do less and achieve more. this is where breakthroughs happen. 
  • Workout 3 Customer – The best business in the world is nothing without happy customers. We introduce the 3 Circles Customer Value Model, a powerful approach that allows you to zero in on exactly what your customers want, identify your competitive advantage, and your customer’s unmet needs. 
  • Workout 4 – Operations – We’ve looked at the ‘why’, and the ‘what’. Now it’s time to focus on the ‘how’. We look at how you produce and deliver your product or service, and how you can save time and money, improve quality, and make the process more enjoyable and rewarding for you and your team. 
  • Bringing it all together – The last part of the day is dedicated to bringing all these insights together into a simple, effective plan, and looking at ways to ensure the plan gets implemented. 

Addressing the challenges that small business owners face:

The businessPT success framework will help you to:

what's included

The workshop package includes:

  • A structured workbook of content to guide your progress
  • Generous catering throughout the day
  • Exclusive access to a library of curated resources
  • Lifetime access to the businessPT private Facebook page
  • Generous discounts for future events
  • An individual 45-minute progress update within 30 days of completing the course, and 
  • A “Make progress or your money back” guarantee


What Others Say..

Thank you for yesterday. I feel I can ‘think big’ now. It was very inspirational and S and I now have a much clearer vision for the future.
S and S
Canberrra SME Owners
Why should they attend? Because the value that you're offering, and we've seen it with the companies that we've worked with, absolutely transforms them. And there aren't too many programs that I've seen that do that Richard, so that's a pretty special quality that you bring to the table.
Associate Professor Dr Anton Kriz
ANU School of Business and Economics


Learn more about the workshop here. 

SME owners and operators who want to understand themselves and their business better, access an effective business success system, and achieve meaningful results within 30 days.

The individual workshop components are worth $1445 when priced individually, so the package price of $695 represents more than a 50% discount.

For those accessing the early bird discount, the saving is 66%. For those using the ‘Last Minute Special’ disount, the saving is HUGE! 

But the questions you should be asking are “How much is it worth to me to solve the biggest challenges that I face in my personal and business life?” and “How good would it feel to move from burnout to breakthrough?”

If you faithfully implement the businessPT business success system and do not achieve meaningful results within 30 days, we will provide a full refund.

You will receive a full refund if you cancel up to 24 hours prior to the event, refunds are available via the Humanitix booking platform that you use to purchase your ticket.

Yes, there is an early bird discount available for tickets purchased on or before 3/11/2022. Earlybird tickets cost $495 instead of $695, a 30% discount.

TODAY ONLY – We have a few seats remaining, grab a  ‘Last Minute Special’ ticket for just $295.

Richard began professionally advising SME owners in 2015 and working with his board of advisors in 2020.

The team has met regularly to identify SME owners’ challenges and develop a business success system that is innovative, flexible, easy to implement, and effective. Richard has deployed the system with his beta testers and tested the frameworks and resources with his clients.

What you are accessing is the result of years of development by a highly talented team. And results are guaranteed, or your fee will be 100% refunded.

After attending the workshop, you will receive access to a comprehensive library of frameworks and resources and the members-only Facebook group, so you can continue to engage with the businessPT team and your course peers.

You will be invited to book your individual 45-minute “business fitness assessment” (to occur 30 days after the workshop) to check on progress and address any challenges.

We will host follow-up workshops to check on progress and review your training plan every 3 months. You will receive generous discounts for these events.

When you book your ticket, you will be asked to identify your primary objective for attending the workshop. Give this some thought. Review the businessPT model and method and consider how you might apply it to your current personal and business life, what you might like to change, and what challenges you face. The workshop will be a uinique opportunity to get these questions answered. 


Richard Everson

Richard is a Canberra local who has spent a lifetime in business. A qualified chef, he traveled the world, before completing international hospitality management studies and transitioning to executive management roles with large multinationals Sodexho and Compass Group. 

Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, he and his wife Evelyn designed, built, and operated the multi-award-winning Country Guesthouse Schonegg, Murrumbateman. 

Ready for more challenges, the couple sold Schonegg in 2015. Richard then joined the Commonwealth Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme. Since joining the programme, Richard has worked with hundreds of Australian SMEs, providing business analysis, developing learning resources, and learning from every engagement. 

In 2012 he discovered CrossFit, www.crossfit.com describes the sport as “Constantly varied functional movement at high intensity”. As his fitness improved, he began to compete and recently won his division and age group in the 2022 Masters HQ National Final. 

Keen to provide his clients with a more effective approach than traditional consultants are offering, he combined his CrossFit insights with key elements of human psychology and design thinking to create businessPT.